Scott Hill – Owner / Admissions / Financial Aid

SCOTT HILL – Scott Hill is owner of the school, and if you need paperwork done at the school related to enrollment or financial aid, you will be talking to Scott. For all other school related business other than teaching or client services, you will also need Scott, as he wears more hats than you can count.

Born and raised in Neosho, Scott is a 1981 graduate of Neosho High School and attended Crowder College in Neosho. In 1989 while still working another job, Scott began working for Neosho Beauty College after the school became accredited, which in turn made it possible for the school to offer Federal financial aid to it’s students who qualified just as other colleges and universities did. For the administration of the financial aid programs, the school needed someone good with numbers and sharp organizational skills. After a couple years of on-the-job training and attendance of many hours of required classes, Scott was with the school full-time, and has been now for the past 32 years.

Keeping up with it all is a major challenge in itself with so much multi-tasking required, and with Federal and State government accounting and requirements to be met, you might notice the dark, thick hair you might have seen him with years back, is now mostly gray and much thinner.

Scott’s parents, Jerry and Erma, founded the school back in 1983 with a dream. With years of hard work and dedication, they built the school into a well respected and successful business and school, that hundreds of graduates have left with an opportunity and the training to pursue a a rewarding career. At the end of 2017, Jerry and Erma passed away nearly together, after 60 years of marriage and 34 years running the school. They will be sorely missed and could never be replaced, but Scott is proud of the school his parents built, and will continue the practices and values that they followed that has made it what it is today.

Scott gives many thanks to all employees and students who have passed through the school to play a part in the success. “Neosho Beauty College would not be here today if not for those who entrusted us with their goal of a new career.”