Career Considerations

We feel that students interested in pursuing a career in Cosmetology or a related field should consider all aspects of such a decision.

Persons who want to become a Cosmetologist must:

  1. Have finger dexterity and a sense of form and artistry.
  2. Enjoy dealing with the public and be able to follow a clients directions.
  3. Keep abreast of the latest fashions and industry techniques.
  4. Work long hours while building a personal clientele in order to make the desired income.
  5. Make a strong commitment to the educational process to finish school.
  6. Learn business skills to promote themselves and the salons in which they work.

In addition, students should be aware that:

  1. The work can be arduous and physically demanding because of long hours standing with hands at shoulder level or sitting over a nail technicians station.
  2. A personal investment may be required for advertising and promotions such as printing business cards.
  3. There will be exposure to various chemicals and fumes which may cause allergic reactions.
  4. The practice of safety and sanitation is essential for effective and successful performance within the industry.
  5. Methods of compensation vary and may include straight salary, salary plus commission, straight commission, sliding scale commission, retail commission, hourly, or independent contracting (renting space and equipment from an existing salon).

COURSE LENGTH: 1500 clock hours

  FULL-TIME SCHEDULE: 9am to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Friday

TIME TO COMPLETE BASED ON FULL-TIME SCHEDULE: 50 weeks (approximately one year when including annual vacation and holidays)

PART-TIME SCHEDULES:                                                                         24 hrs week  / 22.5 hrs week  / 22 hrs week15 hrs per week

TIME TO COMPLETE AT PART-TIME:                                                        62.5 weeks (@24) / 66.75 weeks (@22.5)  / 68.25 weeks (@22) 100 weeks (@15)


Basic Cosmetology Course: 1500 Clock Hours

Supplies (Kit)$800 (plus tax)
Enrollment Fee$50
Application Fee$50
TOTAL$14200 (plus kit tax)

COA (Cost of Attendance) Components COSMETOLOGY

These components are used for Cost of Attendance for purposes of calculating financial aid. The totals are based on monthly averages derived from completed student surveys at Neosho Beauty College. Components other than tuition, fees, books and kit are not actually charged to the student.

(900 HRS / 30 WKS / 7MO)(900 HRS / 30 WKS / 7MO)
Prorated tuition and fees$7710$7710
Food and Housing
Single / Live with Parents$4025
All other students$11125
Personal Expenses$1603$1603

Students not eligible in part for Financial Aid that would pay all of the education costs at Neosho Beauty College can arrange a convenient payment plan to the school for the difference of what financial aid will not cover. Students not eligible for any financial aid can arrange for a payment plan with a down payment and subsequent monthly payments. Contact the schools’ office for details.

Methods of payment accepted include full payment at time of signing the Enrollment Agreement or through an approved payment plan.  Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, credit card, through a non-federal agency or loan program, and by Title IV Federal Financial Aid if qualified.  Students are responsible for paying the tuition, fees, other stated costs and for repaying any applicable loans plus interest.


Basic Course Description

Shampooing40 Hours
Hair Coloring, Bleaching, Rinses
130 Hours
Hair Shaping130 Hours
Permanent Waving, Relaxing225 Hours
Hairsetting, Pin Curls, Fingerwaves, Thermal Curling125 Hours
Combouts, Hair Styling Techniques105 Hours
Scalp Treatment, Scalp Diseases30 Hours
Facials, Eyebrows, Arches40 Hours
Manicuring, Hand/Arm Massage, Nail Treatments110 Hours
Salesmanship, Salon Management10 Hours
Sanitation, Sterilization30 Hours
Anatomy20 Hours
Cosmetic Chemistry25 Hours
State Law10 Hours
Miscellaneous Lectures, Test Reviews470 Hours
Total1500 Hours

Neosho Beauty College offers education in the basic principles of Cosmetology which includes a basic understanding of the science of beautifying, caring for, and improving hair, skin and nails and in depth study of products used in their care. Through student salon client services, practical projects and monthly assignments, we provide the hands on experience necessary to cause goals to become a reality, enabling students to prepare for the requirements of graduation, the licensing examination and a career in the work place.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of our Cosmetology course, the student shall demonstrate the ability to pass the State Board Exam, and enter a salon with skills needed to successfully service the public.

  1. To impact ideals and attitudes of willingness to cooperate with the public, fellow workers, and employees practicing proper conduct and professional ethics.
  2. Setting goals for oneself to further educate yourself in the future.
  3. To develop habits of doing things properly in the interest of safety, and the importance of sanitation and sterilization.
  4. To enhance our profession with a well rounded person ready to use the skills they have learned.
  5. To promote a professional attitude for Cosmetologists.